Interpreter booths

Renting interpreter booths
The interpreter booths are compatible with EU-standardized ISO 4043:1988. It´s common to use so called small booth for two interpreters. The small booth is 1/3 smaller than the big one. Usually the big booths are used for three interpreters. Sometimes if there are more languages it is necessary to build booths for four persons. You are going to face the standards when organizing a meeting and the interpreters are coming by EU commission.

Our booths are equipped with fans and there is also an adequate soundproofing. The placing of booths is decided individually depending the circumstances. Nevertheless it is important the interpreters can see the head speakers and the material projected to screen. The best situation is when the material has sent to interpreters for pre read. There also has to be space front of the booths what is good to remember considering the place of meeting. If the place is challenging and the booths have to place in the back of the room and the situation is there is no visibility to front where material and speakers are, one solution is to place a platform under the booths.

Little booth
2 interprets
Measures (inside) 1,60 x 1,60 x 2,0 m
Measures (outside) 1,68 x 1,77 x 2,0 m

Big booth
3 interprets
Measures (inside) 2,40 x 1,60 x 2,0 m
Measures (outside) 2,52 x 1,77 x 2,0 m